The BoxEdge™ Professional

Add a host of proven and essential recovery, performance, and injury prevention products to your current retail offering. Now your members can stock up on popular, high-volume Performance Health Products right from your box!

Let’s discuss which of the FREE display units will best fit your space. Your only investment is the wholesale cost of popular, best-selling Performance Health products.

Become a BoxEdge Affiliate, too, and sell Performance Health via a banner ad on your website!

BoxEdge™ Professional offers you the easy opportunity to:

  • High margin for all products
  • Sell retail right from your box at little startup costs
  • Promote your box to the community through Performance Health’s FREE Professional Finder
  • Give your athletes convenience – they save time by stocking up in your box
  • Provide high-volume Performance Health products that CrossFit athletes love – Biofreeze®, TheraBand®, and Cramer® sports products

Add a BoxEdge™ Professional retail solution to your box today!

Let's Build Your Box!

I’m Jon Miller — BoxEdge program director and passionate CrossFit athlete. I've vigorously cursed out Fran, Linda, and Angie, and felt their effects after every one of them - just like you and your members. There are plenty of tools to recommend and provide to your athletes for recovery, performance, and injury prevention. Let's talk about how BoxEdge programs can help you build your athlete community and keep them healthy!

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