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10 Tips for an AwesomeBox

1. Sponsor a Team for Your Members in a Local Sports League

No matter the sport – from bowling to kickball to soccer – it’s a great way for your athletes to bond in a new setting. Give them jerseys branded with your box name. And if anyone asks about you, who better to spread the word than your athletes!

2. Get the Kids Involved

CrossFit classes for children is a win-win-win. It’s convenient for parents, who can work out during their kids’ activity. It adds value to your box and builds community.

3. Get Social, Part  I

We’re not talking about social media – although you should definitely do that. We mean it literally. Host regular fundays – cookouts, paleo pot lucks, pizza parties, chili contests, etc. – where your athletes can get together, unwind and talk.

4. Get Social, Part II

Create community on your Facebook page. Encourage athletes to post pictures (#YOURBOXNAME). Instagram, Twitter and all the others, too. Use it to inspire and inform. Promote your business. Celebrate your athletes’ accomplishments. Welcome new members. Promote your business. Always ask everyone to share the message. Develop a strong presence.

5. Talk to Other Box Owners

We’re all in this together. We have different ideas on how to do it best. Listen to how others do it. Help that inform you on what you like – and don’t like – so that you can create the box that matches your vision.

6. Posters and Aesthetics

Make prominent posters that establish the tone you want. Like…encourage everyone to meet each other…put their phones away…help and cheer each other on…celebrate everyone’s PRs. Add a few basic rules – wipe down equipment, listen to coaches –make it fun and freestyle and so will your athletes.

7. Know Your Athletes

They are more than muscle-building, ball-dodging, weight-lifting, rope-climbing, and kettlebell-swinging enthusiasts. They are neighbors, colleagues, moms, professionals and fellow entrepreneurs. Get to know who they are outside of the box. Make a place for them to post their own business cards and activities. Build your community.

8. Try Something “Outside of the Box”

Literally — like hosting outdoor classes. Make it in a place where pedestrians can see you. Invite them to join you. Partner with your city parks. Find practical outdoor space on your commercial property (such as a highly-visible section of your parking lot). Show the public how it’s done. Give away flyers, business cards, coupons or freebies.

9. Lead by Example

When leading classes, you and your coaches have the pulpit. Be positive. Encourage. Motivate. Celebrate every athlete’s breaththrough! From competitor to weekend warrior, encourage them all equally. Use the language that makes your box unique!

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